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For most speakers, the biggest challenges in starting a new speaking business are gaining visibility, building a client database, generating a stable income, and getting hired for live engagements. Inspiring Speakers is working to help speakers of every experience level overcome these hurdles by offering bureau representation to those who commit to their professional growth and development by enrolling in our industry leading membership training program. 

Our program is designed specifically for all new and emerging speakers, trainers, coaches, entertainers, writers, thought leaders, content creators, and other types of experts and information entrepreneurs.

Visit our bonus offer page to view a list of bonus gifts that are being made available to new members on a limited basis.

Since 1997, Inspiring Speakers Bureau has represented hundreds of the world's leading professional speakers. Meeting and event planners throughout North America and Europe trust Inspiring Speakers as one of the most established, respected and longest serving bureaus in the speaking industry. Our members enjoy the advantages of representation, both in being booked by our clients, and also through using their Inspiring Speakers profile to gain greater online visibility, beneficial to furthering their own marketing and self-promotional activities. Our membership program includes full bureau representation, as well as world-class training and ongoing access to powerful tools, templates and strategic resources. We offer a wide range of career enhancing materials, helping you build a thriving speaking business, one step at a time. 

In addition to receiving cutting edge training that empowers speakers to launch and grow a business through their own marketing initiatives, all Inspiring Speakers Bureau members are eligible for bureau representation. Every new member is given an individual speaker profile (identical in appearance to our currently represented speakers as found in our speaker drop-down list found on our homepage) where they can add and update their picture, full biography, speaking fee, and additional program and presentation information.

Though Inspiring Speakers Bureau does not guarantee that newly added speakers from our membership program will be hired for speaking engagements, representation with our bureau is helping our members gain increased visibility for their speaking services, and well as equipping them with the knowledge and multi-faceted technical prowess needed to achieve lasting success. If our clients and planners approach us requesting a speaker with your areas of expertise, we will send out your information in our Speaker Proposal Recommendations. The better your speaker profile page looks (high quality picture, well written bio, relevant expertise, etc.) the more likely it will be that our planners and clients hire you. Many of our members have made back their fees from enrollment in our membership program with only one booked engagement. 
Member Testimonials 

Sandy Peckinpaw 

"Within the first two months of membership, I was able to sign a radio show, based on my book, Passion By Design, and have just been signed for another 12 weeks! I know without a doubt, the 6-Figure Speaking e-course defined my intentions, gave me a course of action, and heightened my level of confidence. I plan on reviewing the lessons over and over to continue to layer my career with the richness of what this program offers."

Steve Gallegos

"In a word...priceless! When I became an Inspiring Speakers Bureau member, I had already acquired some experience as a professional speaker, mostly to local audiences. I had previously paid substantial sums of money and devoted a lot of time on other programs for speakers, only to find they did not deliver what they promised.  In no uncertain terms, your material is accurate, relevant, and best of all it is based on real world industry experience."

Linda J. Lord, H.A.S 

"Not only have I gained advanced speaker training but also valuable suggestions regarding how to manage the business of speaking. This is the first online program that I have taken that I have embraced with such enthusiasm and commitment. Thank you Inspiring Speakers Bureau." 

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Inspiring Speakers Bureau Representation Profile

As a newly represented speaker, you'll have the ability to add your profile on our site, making your services available to our meeting planner clients. You'll also gain the added benefit of making your profile accessible from Internet searches using the advanced search engine optimization strength of

As a represented member, you'll be provided download access to a weekly lesson from our training center where you'll learn everything you need to know to achieve continued success as a professional speaker. Weekly lessons give members the master blueprints needed to achieve speaking excellence, from how to craft and deliver a standing ovation worthy presentation, to how to expand your client base and transform yourself into a world-class thought leader and information entrepreneur.

After joining the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program below, you will be able to download your first weekly lesson immediately. You will then be sent ongoing weekly lessons, exploring every crucial facet of building a world-class speaking, coaching and training business. All new members are also given detailed instructions on creating their individual represented speaker profile. Once complete, your new profile page will go live on our bureau site in our drop-down speaker list.

In order to build a quality speaker profile page for representation, all speakers are required to include a high resolution jpeg head shot, cleanly edited biography write-up, one line bio quote, full fee structure, 'traveling from' information, association affiliations (if necessary) and your areas of expertise. Your speaker profile page can be created and submitted to go live on our bureau website immediately after joining our membership program, or in the weeks and months ahead. 

Please note that you will be charged a recurring monthly fee of $97 for ongoing membership in the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program. During this time you will remain fully represented by Inspiring Speakers Bureau, and we will host and update your profile while doing our best to promote, contract and expose you for as long as you continue your professional speaking growth and ongoing career development as a member of our training program.

After securing membership below, please send us confirmation of your completed speaker profile at [email protected] and our webmaster will integrate your new page on our bureau website within 24 hours. 
20th Anniversary Special Offer: In celebration of Inspiring Speakers Bureau's 20th year in business, all new speakers who subscribe to our Membership Program will be charged a reduced, locked-in rate of $27 per month (regular price $97 per month). The reduced monthly rate of $27 will be applied to each newly subscribing member only while this special anniversary offer is still live. The regular membership price of $97 monthly may be reinstated at any point, but if registration is completed while this update message remains live, your account will be secured permanently at the promotional rate of $27 monthly. Additionally, please visit our bonus offer page to receive a list of bonus gifts that are being made available to new members on a limited basis.

Note: You may cancel your membership and remove your bureau representation profile at any time. All new members are entitled to an unconditional full refund for up to 60 days. Your speaker profile may be created and activated to appear live on our bureau website at any time. Note that once this special pricing offer message is removed the reduced training and representation rate will no longer be available to newly enrolling members. 
Full 60 day money-back guarantee. $27 per month pricing is only available for as long as this update message appears or until our membership quota is filled.  Visit our bonus offer page to view a list of bonus gifts that are being made available to new members on a limited basis.
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