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Our members are from: Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Austria, India, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, England, U.S.A., Scotland, Bermuda, Bahamas, Belgium, Trinidad, Sweden, Ukraine, Brazil, Jordan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Nigeria, Poland, Malaysia

Steve Gallegos

"In a word...PRICELESS!

When I began with Inspiring Speakers Bureau, I had already acquired some experience as a motivational speaker, mostly to local audiences. I had previously paid substantial sums of money and devoted a lot of time on other programs for speakers, only to find they did not deliver what they promised.

In no uncertain terms, your material is accurate, relevant, and best of all it is based on real world industry experience.

From establishing yourself as an expert, to learning how to use emotion, to knowing when and how to hire a virtual assistant, this training course should be required learning for all speakers.

Thank you Inspiring Speakers Bureau, for taking the time to put it all together in an affordable, simple to understand system."

Les Brown, Hall of Fame Speaker

"Thank you Inspiring Speakers!

It has been a true pleasure working together for our speaking event contracts, and I look forward to serving you and your clients again soon."

President Jimmy Carter

39th President of the United States

"President Carter has asked me to express his sincere gratitude to everyone at Inspiring Speakers Bureau, and sends his best wishes.

The Carter Center looks forward to hearing from you again for additional speaking engagement opportunities with your bureau."

Nancy Konigsmark
Director, The Carter Center

James Krueger

"Thank you to Inspiring Speakers for such a great membership program. Your training is helping me achieve my goal of becoming a full-time in-demand professional speaker!"

Brenetia Adams-Robinson, MBA

“Thank you for these excellent courses and comprehensive information.

This program is truly a wondrous investment.”

Chuck Herring, M.Ed., PhD

"Thank you for your wonderful Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program! As a fairly successful speaker already, I thought that I had the fundamentals of running a speaking business down pat. However, I was truly surprised by the "little things" my business was missing. And as you already know, the little things make all the difference.

The bottom line is that I have already seen significant growth in my business after being exposed to Inspiring Speakers Bureau. I know that by following your plan of instruction, my business will continue to grow.

Thank you again for developing this amazing membership site and training program."

Michelle Etheridge

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to take the Inspiring Speakers Bureau training program. As a booking agent for professional speakers, I always find it helpful to keep up on new processes for being a better speaker and new ways to find leads.

I'm excited to apply the strategies I've learned as a member. It will transform my career and business."

Sandy Peckinpah

"I was in a state of extreme chaos when I was referred to the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program. I felt like I was in a million little pieces, hoping all those pieces would somehow be launched into the air like a tornado and land as a perfectly designed speaking career.

I began with lesson one. Then two, and by lesson three, I sensed a feeling of confidence and direction had lifted me through the chaos and into transition. Within the first two months of the course, I was able to sign a radio show, based on my book, Passion By Design, and have just been signed for another 12 weeks!

Miraculous? Perhaps, but I know without a doubt, the membership program eCourse defined my intentions, gave me a course of action, and heightened my level of confidence. I plan on reviewing the lessons over and over to continue to layer my career with the richness of what this program offers.

In addition, the training supplies a tremendous amount of tools for getting my "show on the road!" I am grateful and look forward to every lesson from Inspiring Speakers Bureau."

Phoebe Kingston

“I joined Inspiring Speakers Bureau in 2016 & read the Productivity, Mindset & Strategic Approach for Emerging Speakers program, which really excited me about my future in professional speaking. In 2017, I joined the 6-Figure Speaking course and found all the lessons incredibly helpful. I began to gain confidence that I would eventually have a high profile speaking career. I have found it very beneficial to be listing my affiliation with Inspiring Speakers Bureau on my LinkedIn profile, as I was able to network with other current members and interested parties.

Soon after I received an invite to present at the 2018 World Summit of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy in New York as a result of the new traffic driven through my profile. I am very happy with what my membership has done for me in more ways than one. I would highly recommend the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program to any aspiring speaker.”

Janet Edmunson, M.Ed.

"I've received valuable advice from Inspiring Speakers Bureau that I have already put into use. For instance, the training program suggested we include in our actual presentation a request to the audience for future speaking opportunities. I've added that right before my final quote.

The ideas they gave to fit my situation will work wonderfully. One that I'm the most excited about is creating mini e-courses, which I will be working on as my next product offering.

The money I spent on this program was well worth the valuable learning I received and have been putting into use."

Doug Crowe

"I've been a public speaker for a few years and this program is VERY GOOD. There are a ton of resources for shaping your message, creating a platform and becoming a professional speaker. I probably have over 20 books on the subject and have attended an equal number of seminars and workshops.
I think I've invested 10% of my waking hours and over $100K into self-development. While some of the books, courses and programs were good...this is my first recommendation.

As a former radio host and speaker, I can tell you that this membership training is top notch. I have since recommended the program to others and they have stated the same. You simply won't find a better value for your dollar than the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program.

Their content is worth WAY more than they charge. If you need real-world knowledge, experience, coaching or training - this is the membership for you. Hands down.

Don't hesitate. Become a member now!"

Roman Akafate

"Thank you Inspiring Speakers Bureau for the great content and the affordable price. I can't believe that I'm getting all of what you promised to deliver for less than $50 a month! I have paid much more and received a lot less from the so-called gurus of the speaking industry. They charge an arm and a leg for information that your course provides for a far more reasonable price.

Inspiring Speakers Bureau really is one of those things that people call too good to be true - but yours is actually true. It's not just the quality and the quantity of information that I've received from you, but the affordability of the priceless knowledge you've helped me acquire. Thank God I found you at the right time!"

Alton Jamison

"I was already a seasoned speaker when I became an Inspiring Speakers Bureau member. I was looking for ways to grow my business and advanced marketing techniques, and this training program gave me an abundance of both. As I was going through the first couple of weeks, it was a great refresher of stuff that we sometimes forget as speakers. Around week 14 or 15 was when things really took off for me. The course started talking about hiring virtual assistants, which was a totally new concept for me. Specifically, these lessons provided great links and tips.

Just from those two lessons and the resources listed, I was able to interview many virtual assistants, and ended up finding two great VAs that have revolutionized my business. The 6-Figure Speaking course has transformed my business model, and I now feel like a person with an actual speaking business, and not merely just a speaker.

The modest investment of this training course is peanuts in comparison to the return. My advice is that even for advanced speakers it is well worth it to read through and apply every lesson. The tips on the virtual assistants, was actually something that I picked up at the very end of one of the lessons. The Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program was truly beneficial, and I would highly recommend it to anyone - emerging and experienced speakers alike."

Linda J. Lord

"I have been coaching and presenting workshops for more than 15 years, but when I decided to focus on developing my skills as a platform speaker, I was unsure where to start.

When I found the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program I had no idea how valuable the lessons would become to my professional development. I am enjoying the course, and I find the material rock solid and all suggestions very helpful. I have joined the speakers groups that you mention in the course and have already benefited.

Not only have I gained advanced speaker training but also valuable skills regarding how to manage the business of speaking. This is the first online program that I have taken that I have embraced with such enthusiasm and commitment. My applied efforts are already yielding results.

This membership leads to consistent action based on a proven system for success! Looking forward to continuing my membership! Thank you so much!"

Mark Newey

“The Inspiring Speakers membership training has literally held me by the hand as I’ve built my business from scratch. Gradually over a period of time it has covered pretty much every aspect of getting my business started as quickly and effectively as possible. 

The weekly delivery was perfect, allowing me to make real progress each week without getting completely snowed under! Thank you so much for this phenomenal membership program.”

Arlene R. Taylor PhD, Author

"How refreshing to find a speaker training program that's presented in an easy-to-access, easy-to-read format. Whenever I have a few minutes available I am able to access the lesson(s) from my laptop; wherever I am. Hands down this membership program beats driving to a seminar!

Even for seasoned speakers, this is a good refresher. At times I perceive the information (that I thought I already knew) in an entirely new way because it was presented from a slightly different perspective. Thank you for this Inspiring Speakers Bureau! Oh, and 'The Price Is Right'!"

Michael C Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN

“I would like to recommend the Inspiring Speakers Bureau online training academy to anyone who wishes to increase product creation and business success. I have found the writings to be practical, clear and effective. I greatly look forward to these lessons and the ongoing membership materials.”

Dr. Marilyn Joyce

“It took me a while to get into the program - much illness and several deaths in my inner circle and family right after I signed up for the course. I have to say the program is extensive, so I wanted to share my thoughts in a testimonial regarding that aspect.

Without question the program and materials provided by Inspiring Speakers Bureau are extremely well-thought out and organized. Whether one is a beginning speaker, or a seasoned speaker beginning a new niche, everything that is needed to create a successful speaking career and business is included. And it's not just theory - it works!"

Elliot Zovighian, C.P.P.

"When seeking a training program to assist me in beginning and developing my professional speaking career, it was difficult to tell who was legit, and who wasn't. There are so many mixed messages out there, and so many courses offering varying degrees of information.

The Inspiring Speakers Bureau membership has laid out the process of establishing yourself in the professional speaking business in clear, achievable, step-by-step weekly lessons, which has enabled me to build my business from the ground up.

This very affordable membership will teach you all that you need to know in how to develop your speech, marketing plans, and where to seek out your first speaking engagements. It is well worth every penny.

Thank you for everything Inspiring Speakers Bureau!"

Dildra Ogburn, Phd

“I had been interested in starting a motivational/inspirational speaking company for quite some time. I began my research and came across many courses, however, by the grace of God, the link popped up for Inspiring Speakers Bureau.

Once I read all of the information, I knew this was the perfect membership course for me. First of all, it was very affordable. The weekly lessons have provided me with exactly what I need to start my busy career. The information was clear and easy to understand, and provided step-by-step recommendations on how to move your business forward. I worked to ensure that I followed everything that was recommended.

As a result of this training program, I have now started my business, my website is up and running, I have booked my first paid workshop and I have two more scheduled. I have also produced and released my first motivational CD. This is all because of the valuable information I’ve received from Inspiring Speakers Bureau. You will not be disappointed!”

Natasha A. Patterson

"Inspiring Speakers Bureau is my first online learning experience, and it has proven to be a truly awesome training membership. I had already done some motivational speaking, but I lacked the theory and foundation needed to start a proper business.

I'm a professor, so speaking in public was not an issue for me. I appreciate how the focus of the program is more on creating a business strategy, learning about the particulars of being a motivational speaker and honing in on what your audience and niche market needs. With each lesson, I'm learning so much, and am able to gain new understanding by using the information to perfect my skills.

The material provides so much detail, but it is never overwhelming. The members area also allows me to revisit past lessons, and find the time to really fit the course into my goals.

I find that the Inspiring Speakers Bureau membership is always flexible and geared towards different stages of professional speaking. This is a great resource that has allowed me to identify my strengths and make improvements where needed, in addition to learning new concepts and ideas. Not only am I becoming informed, I’m continually being motivated to stay the course!

It is a fabulous program, and it's obvious that a great deal of time and effort go into creating it. Thank you Inspiring Speakers Bureau!"

David Perry

“I've always been a good speaker.  But really, who wants to be good when you have the potential to be great?  Certainly not me.  And that's what led me to Inspiring Speakers Bureau – after a pile of research.  I'm not speaking with the 'fluidity' I know I'm capable of yet... but I'm well on my way thanks to this membership course and the different tools they referenced. 

For me it wasn't just the tips and tricks learned - nor the time saved learning them sooner - it was the content that enabled me to run the business side of speaking. Things like list building, lead generation, qualifying opportunities, positioning, and more.

There's a lot to learn, but I quickly got a handle on all of it thanks to Inspiring Speakers Bureau.  I would certainly recommend it to newbies and 'old hands' alike, and indeed have to several, including many of my fellow Toastmasters. I have always been willing to invest in learning new skills which 'up my value’ and I’ve certainly profited from this training program.”

Gary Jeffress, CEO

"The Inspiring Speakers online membership came to my attention at a time when I had a burning desire to share a message, yet had no clue on the process of how to do it. The clear, concise and supportive way that the training program is delivered makes things so clear, that I personally follow it step by step through each module.

Richard, Larry, Drew and the rest of the team always make things easy, which has allowed me to gain confidence. I continuously use and refer to the content regularly. I first became a member over a year ago, and I continue to find this information invaluable for reference and confidence building.

With my desire to continue building the public speaking side of my business, what originally came to me as yet another piece of online marketing has become a source of ongoing strength and a program I could not have imagined could contribute to my business as much as it has.

Thanks so much and congratulations to everyone at Inspiring Speakers Bureau - your membership training program is very powerful."

Michael Davis

"My experience with Inspiring Speakers Bureau has been outstanding!

The speaking industry has changed dramatically in the 21st century. No longer can you simply fly to another city, give a speech, pick up a check and fly home and repeat the process. So much more is involved today.

Each aspect of building a long-term business was provided to me in this training. I learned how to grow and nurture the most important facet of my business – my prospect and client list. I also learned how to create content that gets the attention of my prospective buyers, and how to develop meaningful messages that inspire action from my audience.

Beyond that, I also gained the keys to transforming my speech into ‘an experience’ by learning world class delivery skills.

If you want to accelerate the growth of your speaking business AND your speaking skills, do yourself a favor -- invest your time and money into the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program."

Johnny Tan

“Enrolling in Inspiring Speakers Bureau was the best decision I’ve made for my professional speaking career.

The brilliantly structured weekly lesson plans provided me with methodical best practices in setting up my speaking business.

I enthusiastically recommend this membership to anyone, regardless of where you are on your speaking journey. The comprehensive training will contribute to your success by validating what you already know, while providing fresh perspectives for refining your skills and business model.”

Roger Keeley

"Personal service that is result oriented is a perfect combination when you want the right speaker for an event. Inspiring Speakers Bureau listened to our needs and provided the ideal candidate to address our total company objectives. Repeat business has resulted from this as we continue to use Inspiring Speakers.

We would strongly recommend their bureau as a highly qualified organization to assist anyone looking for the right presentation for a specific need."

General Manager, Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd.

Eldon Montgomery

"I sincerely thank you for this marketing & training program that you have given to the professional speaking community with tremendous value. I'm sure I speak for emerging speakers everywhere when I say how greatly appreciated your membership truly is."

Again, thank you so much to everyone at Inspiring Speakers Bureau."

Patsy Galtelli

"Thank you to Inspiring Speakers for supplying us with such dynamic speakers for our conference. John Robinson and Ed Hearn both did fantastic jobs, and made our event very successful.

Below are just a few of the positive remarks in reference to their presentations. John Robinson: "Great Motivator", "Extremely Motivational", "Really touched my heart", "Amazing, the best speaker I have heard in years"," FANTASTIC choice to start off our statewide event." "Truly inspired."

Ed Hearn: "Great job", "Motivational", "I enjoyed Ed's time with us. He seemed to communicate on a very simple & honest level", "Loved Mr. Hearn and all he had to say about taking what God has to offer and not pushing it aside". "He was a great speaker" "He got the audience involved from the start and kept my interest," "He was so well liked, please have him come back again in the future," "Enjoyed the enthusiasm and how life's curves transformed his own life".

Working with you was a pleasure and we look forward to using your exceptional bureau to book our speakers again in the future."

Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services

Chris McGiffin

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Inspiring Speakers Bureau for all of their help in the past year in selecting some great speakers for our monthly meetings and our September conference. Inspiring Speakers' experience and professionalism made my job much easier. They were a pleasure to work with and I'm sure we'll use them again."

Law Office Managers Association

Candace Moody

"I joined the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program because I knew that the business of speaking was about more than simply having something interesting to say. I’m a writer working on an online course, and the Inspiring Speakers series gave me lots of valuable ideas and resources for building my audience and creating content.

The weekly lessons help you understand what will grab readers’ attention and how to craft content that keeps them coming back for more.

I’ve saved all the lessons so I can go back and review the ideas and strategies for years to come. The email templates, social platform content ideas and speaker toolkit are invaluable for any speaker or writer, no matter where you are in your career.

What’s even better is the price – affordable even if you’re just getting started. Inspiring Speakers has taken wisdom from hundreds of successful speakers and packaged it in weekly lessons that will help anyone become more professional, more confident, and more likely to get booked.

This is a great investment for speakers and writers whose business has been impacted by the pandemic – I’m spending this time learning and preparing so I’ll be ready to shine when everything gets back to normal again."

Jarrod Carelse

"The Inspiring Speakers Bureau membership has given me a lot of valuable information regarding online business and how to relate that to effective speaking and thought leadership.

Richard and the support team are only an email away, and are always ready with an answer, advice or understanding - whether it is about the program, or its conditions.

They've been friendly and professional in all their dealings, and I would highly recommend this training program to others looking to increase their knowledge and expertise regarding thought leadership and professional speaking."

Jarrod Carelse, Seat Academy
South Africa

Duke Worthington

"I’ve been so impressed with Inspired Speakers. One part of the organization that has blown me away is the customer service, especially Richard's amazing thoughtfulness and insight.

I’ve had a number of questions over the past several years that have been taken care of way beyond what I might have expected. These are real people with a real desire to help who, with the programs offered, have created a very special jewel in support of the speaking world."

A membership program well worth the investment. Thanks for all you provide and the ways in which you do it!."

Hugh Liddle

"The Inspiring Speakers Bureau membership is a treasure chest filled with valuable ideas and strategies to help you contact event planners, get booked to speak, shine like a superstar when you speak, and follow up after the event. 

I've been a speaker for over 50 years and have learned so much from the Inspiring Speakers program.

So whether you're an aspiring speaker, just getting started in the speaking business, or a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend that you take advantage of this awesome learning experience!"

Randy Goruk

"Regardless of where you are in your speaking career, or any career, continuing to learn is essential to your success.

I have found the content in the Inspiring Speakers courses to be invaluable in helping me learn about various aspects of the speaking business.

An Inspiring Speakers membership is an affordable way to pace your learning in a variety of different segments and to add more tools in your tool box.

I highly recommend investing in yourself through the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program."

Petra Contrada

"Inspiring Speakers Bureau offers great and valuable content. The training is high quality, and one can’t find a better value for the dollar than with the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program. 

I would highly recommend it to anyone - emerging and experienced speakers alike.

Latrice Collins

“Like most speakers, I struggled with how to build and market my business.  I had joined many other speakers associations that claimed to help aspiring speakers build their business for enormous fees.  When I heard about Inspiring Speakers Bureau, I could not wait to give it a try.  

Inspiring Speakers helped me organize a step-by-step program for building my clientele list. Their tools were really easy to follow and execute. The best part of the program was that I was not alone. The leaders helped me with any questions I had throughout the program.  They gave guidance and encouragement, which assisted in my achieving my goals. 

This is one of the most economical and helpful program I've participated in to date. Thank you to all the people at Inspiring Speakers for all that you do!”

Anne Babej

"We wouldn't have been able to provide our members with such a great line-up without Inspiring Speakers Bureau assistance.

They are very astute at zeroing in on the audiences' needs!

Thank you so much to everyone on your first-rate team!"

NAPSA, (North American Professional Sales Association)

Ron Broussard

"When I found the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program, I had already been getting speaking engagements, but they were few and far between due to my lack of knowledge regarding the actual process of building a speaking business. I welcomed the opportunity to help me further my speaking aspirations and bring greater focus and direction to my business.

After starting the program, I found that each lesson gave me more clarity on what I needed to be doing to take my speaking business to the next level. With the guidance of the eCourse, and with me applying everything I was learning from the lessons, I started to see results. Within the first three months of receiving and working with the weekly lessons, I was able to secure a two week speaking tour in Ghana based on my upcoming book, 'Stretch Yourself, Create the Relationships You Deserve'.

I truly enjoyed the value that the training courses gave in helping me lay out a definite course of action as a result of consistently working with the material. I have printed out all the lessons for reference as I continue to bless others with my career and the gifts that this membership provides.

I am truly grateful and appreciative to Inspiring Speakers Bureau for lifting the cloud that once had me stumbling around. This training has given me clarity and a sense of purpose. Thank you so much for helping me develop my speaking business!"

Entheos Consulting Group

Anne Milne

"Our thanks again to Inspiring Speakers Bureau for your help in setting up this year's program. You really helped me out in terms of saving time and I appreciated your ability to suggest speakers who were in keeping with the goals of our program. We greatly appreciate the world-class expertise of your speakers bureau.

We'll certainly be back again soon to work with you on future speaking events."

Anne Milne, Program Chair, London Business & Professional Women's Club

Glen Stephenson

"Our organization has been dealing with Inspiring Speakers for many years. We have found both the content and quality of speaker exceptional, making our meetings much more successful. Inspiring Speakers continues to introduce new ideas for our consideration and is a true pleasure to work with.

Thank you Inspiring Speakers for a job well done, as always."

Purchasing Managers Association, Western Division

Dora Carpenter

"The Inspiring Speakers Membership is worth much more than the monthly investment. As a trainer, coach, speaker, and author, I have been able to utilize the wealth of information and tools to enhance not only my speaking career, but growth in other areas of my business!

Thank you for all that you continue to do to move the industry forward!"

Joel Weldon, National Speakers Association Co-Founder, Speaker Hall of Fame

"Inspiring Speakers Bureau is unique - no make that totally different than any speakers’ bureau I've ever heard of. They are looking for beginning and emerging speakers and have created some very impressive tools and systems to educate you. Being seen and discovered by event planners and having a professional presence in your target markets alongside established speakers is a crucial factor in creating - and maintaining - success in the speaking industry.

If you're just getting started, this is the perfect solution to get the exposure you need to kick-start your speaking business and be seen by the right people. This program really does give you the opportunity to take your professional development to the next level, and to start taking action in a committed and informed way that will reap real, bottom line results quickly.

Your goal is to become both a speaker AND a well-rounded expert, a true thought leader, and this program has what you need to do that on every level. Look, we all want to be viable and stay in-demand as our career progresses. By growing your speaking business with proven blueprints, and striving to constantly evolve at what you're offering, you can start laying the foundations for lasting success.

So if you're ready to develop multiple streams of income by becoming a truly dynamic speaker, this membership has the toolkit and professional development resources to help you get there."

Darlene Smith

I so appreciate the awesome content that the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership provides in each week's lesson. So many wonderful tips and useful information in a bite-sized format, which makes it easy to implement in my speaking business.

There is truly excellent value provided for the price of this membership program.

I always say, “learn from best”, and you will be when you invest in this training.

Thank you, Inspiring Speakers.

Michael O'Kane

"Thank you to Inspiring Speakers for your assistance in not only providing our association with a speaker at the very last moment, but also providing a speaker who was very well received and delivered a strong message." 

Windsor Life Underwriters

Al Jensen

"I was a seasoned speaker and speaker talent developer when I joined Inspiring Speakers Bureau several years ago.

I was hoping to find some “insider secrets” as it related to building a speaking business. I had done quite well for myself to that point, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to learn what others were doing and perhaps have my eyes opened to different approaches and methods of building my business.

I was pleasantly surprised each week to open my email and find exactly what I was looking for; a different perspective on building my speaking and coaching business.

I highly recommend the Inspiring Speakers Bureau membership program for speakers and coaches at any level of their development. You’ll undoubtedly find motivation and inspiration in their course content, just like I did."

THE Speaker & Entrepreneur Talent Developer

  Speaking Legends We've Worked With

A Partial Listing of Some of the High Profile Speakers We Represent & Have Booked For Our Clients

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Mark Victor Hansen

Magic Johnson

Robin Sharma

Robert Kiyosaki

Jack Canfield

Jimmy Carter

Les Brown,
Speaker Hall of Fame

Dr. Roberta Bondar

Steve Gilliland, Speaker Hall of Fame

Stephen Lewis

Patricia Fripp, Speaker Hall of Fame