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Dildra Ogburn, PhD

"As a result of this training program, I have now started my business, my website is up and running, I have booked my first paid workshop and I have two more scheduled. I have also produced and released my first motivational CD. This is all because of the valuable information I’ve received from Inspiring Speakers Bureau. You will NOT be disappointed!”

Gary Jeffress

"The Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program came to my attention at a time when I had a burning desire to share a message, yet had no clue on the process of how to do it. The clear, concise and supportive way that the training is delivered makes things so clear, that I personally follow it step by step through each module. They always makes things easy, which has allowed me to gain confidence. I continuously use and refer to the content regularly.

 I first became a member over a year ago, and I continue to find this information invaluable for reference and confidence building. With my desire to continue building the public speaking side of my business, what originally came to me as yet another piece of online marketing has become a source of ongoing strength and a program I could not have imagined could contribute to my business as much as it has. Thanks so much and congratulations - your program is very powerful!"

Elliot Zovighian, C.P.P., President of EZ Lifestyles

“When seeking an eCourse training program to assist me in beginning and developing my professional speaking career, it was difficult to tell who was legit, and who wasn't. There are so many mixed messages out there, and so many courses offering varying degrees of information.

The Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program has laid out the process of establishing yourself in the professional speaking business in clear, achievable, step-by-step weekly lessons, which has enabled me to build my business from the ground up. This very affordable membership will teach you all that you need to know in how to develop your speech, marketing plans, and where to seek out your first speaking engagements. It is well worth every penny. Thank you Inspiring Speakers Bureau!"

Chuck Herring, PhD

"Thank you for your wonderful 6-Figure Speaking training course! As a fairly successful speaker already, I thought that I had the fundamentals of running a speaking business down pat. However, I was truly surprised by the "little things" my business was missing. And as you already know, the little things make all the difference.

The bottom line is that I have already seen significant growth in my business after being exposed to Inspiring Speakers Bureau and 6-Figure Speaking. I know that by following your plan of instruction, my business will continue to grow. Thank you again for developing this amazing membership site and training program."

Dr. Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™

"Without question the program and materials provided by Inspiring Speakers Bureau are extremely well-thought out and organized. Whether one is a beginning speaker, or a seasoned speaker beginning a new niche, everything that is needed to create a successful speaking career and business is included. And it's not just theory! It works!"

Michael C Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN 

“I would like to recommend the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program to any speaker who wishes to improve their platform skills, product creation and business success. I have found the writings to be practical, clear and effective. After 20 years of speaking and training, I greatly look forward to these lessons and ongoing membership materials."
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