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  • 6-Figure Speaking, 7-Figure Expert,  Speaker Social Mastery Core Video & PDF Training Programs - Weekly lessons of our industry leading courses added in your members area
  • World-Class Courses: Speaker Growth Accelerator, Memberships University, Speaker Apps and more dynamic courses & valuable business resources constantly being added. See our full course suite
  • Inspiring Speakers Bureau Representation - Get your Speaker Profile featured alongside the speaking industry's top professionals and gain global exposure in front of more clients, customers & event planners
  • Powerful training & growth services from our Thought Leader Transformation Special Include - List Building & Lead Generation for Speakers, Copywriting Secrets for Speakers, Affiliate Riches for Branded Experts, Product & Content Development for Speakers, Success Strategies for Emerging Speakers, Thought Leader Blogging Success and much more!

Les Brown, Legendary Hall of Fame Speaker

"As always, thank you Inspiring Speakers! It has been a pleasure working together for our speaking event contracts over these many years, and I look forward to serving you and your clients again soon."

President Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States

"President Carter has asked me to express his gratitude to Inspiring Speakers Bureau, and he sends his best wishes. The Carter Center looks forward to hearing from you again for future speaking engagement opportunities."

Linda J. Lord, H.A.S

"I have been coaching and presenting workshops for more than 15 years, but when I decided to focus on developing my skills as a platform speaker, I was unsure where to start. When I found the Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program I had no idea how valuable the e-lessons would become to my professional development. I find the material rock solid and all suggestions very helpful. Not only have I gained advanced speaker training but also valuable skills regarding how to manage the business of speaking. This is the first online program that I have taken that I have embraced with such enthusiasm and commitment. My applied efforts are already yielding results. This powerful training and marketing resources lead to consistent action based on a proven system for success! Looking forward to continuing my membership! Thank you so much!"

Gary Jeffress, CEO Garwen Education P/L

"The Inspiring Speakers Bureau Membership Program came to my attention at a time when I had a burning desire to share a message, yet had no clue on the process of how to do it. The clear, concise and supportive way that the training is delivered makes things so clear, that I personally follow it step by step through each module. They always makes things easy, which has allowed me to gain confidence. I continuously use and refer to the content regularly. I first became a member over a year ago, and I continue to find this information invaluable for reference and confidence building. Thanks so much and congratulations - your membership training program is very powerful!"

Joel Weldon, Legendary Hall of Fame Speaker

"Inspiring Speakers Bureau is unique - no make that totally different than any speakers’ bureau I've ever heard of. If you're just getting started, this is the perfect solution to get the exposure you need to kick-start your speaking business and be seen by the right people. This program really does give you the opportunity to take your professional development to the next level, and to start taking action in a committed and informed way that will reap real, bottom line results quickly.

Your goal is to become both a speaker AND a well-rounded expert, a true thought leader, and this program has what you need to do that on every level. Look, we all want to be viable and stay in-demand as our career progresses. By growing your speaking business with proven blueprints, and striving to constantly evolve at what you're offering, you can start laying the foundations for lasting success. So if you're ready to develop multiple streams of income by becoming a truly dynamic speaker, this membership has the toolkit and growth development resources to help you get there. I highly recommend you do this - and do it now!"

Chuck Herring, PHD

"Thank you for your wonderful 6-Figure Speaking training course! As a fairly successful speaker already, I thought that I had the fundamentals of running a speaking business down pat. However, I was truly surprised by the "little things" my business was missing. And as you already know, the little things make all the difference.  The bottom line is that I have already seen significant growth in my business after being exposed to Inspiring Speakers Bureau and 6-Figure Speaking. I know that by following your plan of instruction, my business will continue to grow. Thank you again for developing this amazing membership site and training program."

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